Meet the Artisan:

Deb Meadows Roberts

Welcome to my little corner of the world where all things are mini.  In addition to being a miniaturist, I'm also a textile artist. Dressing 1:12 scale miniature furniture gives me the opportunity to combine both of my passions into one art form. My favorite thing about miniatures is building dollhouses in 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 scale. I can't get enough of building dollhouses!   From 2007-2012 I was the editor-in-chief of the Greenleaf Gazette so I got to experiment with making all kinds of miniatures while writing tutorials and the day I was inducted into the Dollhouse Hall of Fame was one of the happiest days ever in my mini world! 

I believe that creativity is all about the journey, not the destination. I'm never quite sure where my art is going to take me until the project has ended, but I always love the trip!  The main purpose of my website is to share the journey with others who love miniatures as much as I do.  That's why I've filled my site with thousands of pictures of my dollhouses and miniatures.  There are also lots of tutorials as well and even some cool videos of dollhouses set to music. 

Happy journeys,