Ghost Town Stage Stop

As I was growing up I spent a great deal of time in the Arizona and New Mexico desert.  To be specific, I spent a lot of time in ghost towns in the desert.  I couldn't get enough of the old mining towns that had been left behind when their occupants moved on after the mines played out.  I hadn't realized just how much these towns had stayed in my mind till I began working on the Adams.  I started out with the goal of building a ramshackle house because I was writing a series of tutorials on how to age and distress a house.  As the Adams progressed, it began to develop the same personality of the abandoned houses I'd seen in so many ghost towns.  By the time I reached the exterior and began working on the rusty tin roof and the landscaping, it had become a full fledged ghost town stage stop.  When I was finished with the Adams, I had a moment of nostalgia and decided to look at some pictures of the ghost town that had literally been in my backyard when I was growing up.  I was really surprised by what I saw!

This is a picture of one of the abandoned houses with which I was so familiar.

And this is how my Adams ended up.

Apparently those ghost towns had remained in my memory better than I thought! 

Click here to take the tour of my old abandoned stage stop.