Wise Ways Emporium--The Garden


I've been a little afraid to ask Great Grandma if she bought the bird bath or if it's someone that we used to know.

The garden is such a lush green and it stays that way all year 'round.  Must be magick!

I thought I saw someone familiar!  Herbie the Mole pops up everywhere so I'm not surprised to see him here.  He'd better not be digging holes out in the grass tho or Sarah Ann will take her shotgun to him!

Aunt Sary's famous Balm of Gilead tree.

If Napoleon is sniffing around the fish pond that means that Maharet must be somewhere nearby.

The mums are gorgeous this year.

The Goddess statue surrounded by lavender.

Sarah Ann's been working in the garden and forgot to put away her tools again.




Come inside!