The Emerald Faerie Cottage


Welcome to Sidhe {shee} Carrigan, the Faerie Cottage.   Sidhe Carrigan is made from the Aster kit by Corona Concepts.   I love the look of this house with it's open, airy design and the second floor loft.   I couldn't have found a more perfect house for my Celtic faerie.

You can see the faerie in the garden as she perches upon an iridescent bubble.   At the moment, she's enjoying some well deserved relaxation.  You see, the faerie is a very hardworking little lady.  She grows precious stones in her garden and, after harvest, she hides them underground for the gnomes, trolls and dwarves to mine.   But she's also a bit of a diva and enjoys living in comfort and elegance.  As you look thru her house, you'll discover that her walls are covered with genuine emeralds, peridot and citrine.   Her seashell sink and copper topped cabinets are the envy of all the faeries in the glen.   And her seashell lamp in her bedroom gives that perfect romantic glow.  The faerie cottage is part of my personal collection.

The Emerald Faerie Cottage was featured on the cover of American Miniaturist Magazine, July 2009



























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