C'est Si Bon Interior


You may notice that there are no chairs at the tables.  The chairs will be covered to match the tablecloths and I'm still working on those.  The pictures will be updated when they're finished.

A few of the delicacies that you can have with your tea.


Shelves on the walls hold cozy displays.

The morning light coming thru the french doors and the windows creates an inviting scene.





The fireplace is my favorite feature inside.  I'm not very adept with painting tiny details, so I gave the fireplace a shabby chic look.



Upstairs we find storage for linens, china and tea services.  The tables indicate that it might also be a break room for the waitresses.







Lights on the tables and a fire in the fireplace give a cozy atmosphere when the daylight fades and formal tea time approaches.



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