This is the Magnolia from Corona Concepts.   It's large rooms and airy, sunny space makes it a lovely and elegant house.   When I took my first look at the Magnolia, I thought, "I wonder if I could make this into a modern home".   I came up with the Sleek-Geek-Chic style home of a Silicon Valley Bachelor, who has given up his kitchen space for a bar and a pool table.  He loves his computer, music, art, and books, and he hasn't made his bed in weeks.   I did quite a bit of bashing on this house, cutting out the roof pieces and adding 24-pane windows for skylights. I also left out the staircase and made my own cantilevered floating staircase instead. 

The Furnished Interior

















I made the aquarium for a Gaztette tutorial and liked it so much that it went in the bachelor's bedroom along with the CD bed. 


Here are pics of the unfurnished interior so you can see the architectural details of the Magnolia house.  It's a beautiful house with exceptionally large rooms.  If you want a dollhouse with large rooms to show off an extensive mini collection that doesn't take up much space, the Magnolia is your best option.














The Exterior








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