East Coast Lighthouse in Half Scale (1:24)

I love the Greenleaf lighthouses no matter what size they are, but the half scale is exceptionally sweet.  It's just the right size to perch on a coffee table or shelf and in addition to being a great little dollhouse with lots of space for furniture in all three rooms, it makes a gorgeous decor piece for someone who just likes nautical accents in their home.  

After a great deal of research, I decided on using a stone finish for a traditional east coast look.  The stones are all hand painted with as much detail as possible to give them the same appearance of rocks quarried in the limestone rich areas that produced all those authentic brownstone houses in New England.  Even the rocks on the sand are hand painted  for a perfect match.  The interior has soft ivory painted walls and gray "cement" floors with black window and door frames.  The exterior features a slate base with touches of moss next to a field of heather.  On the other side of the stone walkway, the sandy beach reaches up to the edge of a loamy garden where an apple tree and sunny yellow bushes grow.  You can almost smell the sea salt in the air when you look at this darling little lighthouse.  The lantern room lifts off so a battery powered light can be placed inside.   This house remains part of my personal collection.



























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