Herrin House

This house was built for a very special lady. She has a rich and vibrant soul, and a personality that sparkles like the finest gemstones.    When I began designing a house for her, I immediately set aside the pastels and light tones and reached for the deep colors..........rich burgundies and greens to go with a deep mahogany wood.   She also has one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard and her singing (like everything else about her) comes from deep in her heart.   If you look closely at the stained glass windows on the door, you'll see a hint of that music welcoming you to come in.   These weren't colors that I'd normally use on a dollhouse, but for my friend, they were just right.

Alas, when I built this house the one thing I forgot to consider was whether or not my friend wanted a dollhouse.  She had said she did, but it appeared to be more out of politeness than genuine desire because when I gave Herrin House to her, she forgot to take it home and always had an excuse for why she couldn't come pick it up or continually told me to "hang onto it until I can make room for it".  It's distressing to have a gift from the heart rejected but I wanted someone to enjoy the house so after a year I donated it to the annual Toys for Tots drive.   











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