Italian Clock Shop


Built from the Loganberry Mill kit, this custom order has so much charm.  This is a custom order built to fit the story created by its owner.

In a little Tuscan village, there's a small, out of the way shop owned by Reginauld, the clock maker.  Reginauld's shop is an old establishment in the village, as one can tell by the plants growing outside the shop. The window boxes are full and there is a grape ivy growing beside the door.  A wild rose bush grows on one side of the shop and a leafy tree provides shade for the bench where Reginauld often sits.

The shop is terra cotta stucco with a (faux) tile roof.  The grass grows right up next to the stone foundation.  Small flowering bushes line the brick sidewalk leading to the stone steps. 













Would you like to come inside and look around? Just click on the door.