Meet Phil O'Dendron!

Phil is a special book of herbal lore made by Carol of Blue Kitty Miniatures.  He made his trip across the ocean wonderfully well and was rested and happy when he arrived.

Phil was delivered to Wise Ways Emporium where he was greeted by Sarah Ann.   Sarah Ann is an herbalist so she knew to give him a drink of water and a little plant food while he adjusted to his new surroundings.

Phil started getting a little bit nervous when Napoleon and Parsnip got a bit too curious.  I'm sure that neither of them would have shredded his leaves but Phil wasn't very comfortable around them.

Percutio just happened to drop in to see if Sarah Ann had received the book on astrology that he had ordered.  When he saw Phil, it was love at first sight.  The way Phil is looking at Percutio, I think that Phil feels the same way.  Or maybe he was just happy that someone might rescue him from the cats.

I think it would have all worked out okay except Maharet chose that moment to drop in and pick up some rosemary.  When she saw Phil she threw her hands up in the air and exclaimed that she simply *must* have him. 

Well, it just got ugly from there.  Sparks were flying from fingertips and there was smoke billowing from the windows and then the dragons got involved...............  I think that Maharet might have won that battle but then Percutio whispered something in her ear about video tapes and You Tube.  Maharet blushed and then graciously said that Percutio had seen Phil first so it was only fitting that Phil should go live with him.  Percutio politely thanked her and suggested that she stop by later to visit Phil.  Sarah Ann just shook her head and sighed.  She knows how those two get sometimes.

In the end, Phil was tucked under Percutio's arm and away they went down the street to Phil's new home.

Phil was quite happy in his new surroundings and even made friends with one of the mice.

Phil stayed with Percutio for awhile and then went back to Wise Ways to live in the research room where he shares his knowledge of herbal lore with everyone.  Sarah Ann was happy with his decision since it helps keep the peace between Percutio and Maharet.

 Who knows where Phil might end up later.  After all, if Herbie comes visiting, Phil might learn the art of traveling from house to house thru the mole tunnels!