Maharet Moves In

I'm not sure what took so long for Maharet to decide the Lady Pierce was her home.  She was content in her Orchid for years but after I moved from Denver to Phoenix and changed the way the dollhouses are displayed, the little witch loudly declared that I should put the Pierce on Magick Street with the Wizard's house (Glencroft) and Wise Ways Emporium (Brimbles).   It was the perfect solution because the three houses look fabulous together and it makes it so much easier for Maharet, Percutio, and Sarah Ann to socialize with one another. 

With that decision made, I set about making a few changes for my teeny witch.  She liked the living room and dining room they way they are so the only difference she made there was to remove the corner fireplace from the living room to make space for a rocking chair that matches the rest of the furniture. 

The dining room is looking lovely too.

There were some major changes in the kitchen however!!  The first thing Maharet did was hire a new maid, then she set about replacing all the fixtures with new Reutters pieces....a sink, an aga stove, and a matching ice box.  The table and chairs are also Reutters and they make a very inviting setting....perhaps a cozy little champagne brunch for two if Percutio happens to be around.


In the music room upstairs, the furniture was replaced although she kept the harp and piano.  I'm glad about the piano because it's always been a favorite of mine.  It has a music box inside that delights me! 

The bathroom just disappeared completely and was replaced with a guest room.  The furniture had once been in my Beacon Hill but when I gave that house to a friend for her granddaughters, the furniture stayed with me, making it the ideal solution for this room.  I'm not quite sure why there's a doll on the bed, but when it comes to a little witch's preferences, it's best not to ask questions.

Maharet approved of the master bedroom so much that she chose to leave it as it is.  In the space behind the armoire she has her dress forms with her fancy evening clothes but the rest of the room remained the same.

The attic is a different story!  In the smallest room of the attic, Maharet set up her dollhouse display loft.  She has several dollhouses, but her very favorite is the farmhouse made for her by Lynette.  She had an argument with the dead librarian about who got to keep the dollhouse made by Tracy Topps but in the end, she decided to leave it with the librarian, at least for now.

Over in the main part of the attic, Maharet set up her workspace.  She has a lovely little desk where she can sit and write out her spells plus a nice space for her shelves, tools, and a table for tarot readings and scrying. 



Of course, Aunt Harriet still has her own area with her art supplies and her rocking chair in the tower room.  (This doll is one of the most special minis in my collection because she was made for me by my heart's sister, HavanaHolly)  Aunt Harriet and Maharet get along just fine and Maharet is often found sitting cross-legged on the floor beside Aunt Harriet's rocker, listening to her stories and learning from her.

Of course, Maharet often goes shopping (which is one reason she enjoys living down the street from Wise Ways).  Here's what she picked up on her last trip to the Emporium.....a charming skellie rag doll and a skellie jack-in-the-box made by artisan Terri Hirt. 

I noticed that she put the doll by her desk and was wondering where she put the jack-in-the-box, but here it is!  I'm sure it makes Aunt Harriet smile too.


I must admit that I like what Maharet has done with the place.  It's a very elegant home for a very elegant witch  Who knows if she'll leave it like this or someday get the urge to make more changes.  If she does, I'll be sure to post an update!