Textile Arts   


In addition to my passion for miniatures, I'm also a textile artist.   I create wall art from fabrics, beads, embroidery, silk ribbons..........well, pretty much anything that can be incorporated into the textile medium.   Most of them have already been sold; the ones I hung onto are the ones that have special meaning to me.   Quite a few of these pieces have been to shows and received awards but the thing that makes me the happiest is just knowing that looking at them brings joy to other people.  The art quilts are shown in no particular order.  Unfortunately the pictures are very old so they don't embiggen.


Japanese Wall Hanging--Hand embroidered and beaded

Insanity Has Group Rates


Moon Over Mardi Gras


Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Art Nouveau Remembered  (Tiffany #1)

Tiffany Butterfly   (Tiffany #2)

Grapes of Glass (Tiffany #3)

A Primary Tiffany (Tiffany #4)

Peacock's Pride (Tiffany #5)


Til Death Do Us Part  (Living with domestic abuse)



Learning to Fly  (Life after abuse)


The Departure

The Dragon and the Phoenix




Beaded Autumn Tree

Spring Beaded Tree

Summer Beaded Tree

Winter Beaded Tree

Purple Floral Butterfly

Beaded Frog

Beaded Dragonfly in Green

Beaded Dragonfly in Gold

Grandmother's Garden

Green Moon

Gold Saturn

Black and Gold Sun

Green Leaf

Green and Gold Butterfly

Kathy's Garden

Lee's Journey

(In Loving Memory)

Purple Ferns

And They Gave It a Word

Tropical Sunset

Tuscan Vineyards

Vacation by the Sea

Victorian Rose

Yarn Fairy's Castle