The White Orchid

I'm just completely twitterpated over this house.   The White Orchid is the only synthetic material house produced by Greenleaf and I am very, very fortunate to have one of the few manufactured.   It's an exact duplicate of the Orchid Dollhouse, except it is made of Sintra instead of wood.   I built this house for myself and it remains in my private collection.

When I took the White Orchid out of the box, the first thing that went thru my mind was that the pristine white was such a perfect medium for textiles that I couldn't cover it with paint or wallpaper.   My muse peered over my shoulder and said, "Well then, let's make it a "Designer House", not a dollhouse.   I agreed and we went to work.  I spent a couple of days going thru my stash of fabrics, beads and embellishments and what happened after that was just the pure joy of creating.  I used velvet, chiffon, aurora borealis beads, lead crystal drops, pearls, clear glass, mirrors and a huge assortment of other bits and pieces.  The end result is a house full of tone on tone whites, pure crystal and silver.  While the pictures don't show it well, the whole focus of this house is a sensory experience. 



























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