The Wizard's House

The Glencroft is one of my favorite houses and building it was a pure delight with all it's woodwork and character  I built it for myself and it remains in my private collection.

Shall we take a tour of Percutio's house?  It's not often that one gets the opportunity to be a guest in the home of a powerful wizard.  Please don't try to pet Phideau the dragon.  He tends to be a little grumpy this time of day.

In his spare time, Percutio is a bit of a gardener so his yard always looks nice. 




The inside of the house also looks good so Percutio must be adept at cleaning up after himself.  Emma would be very proud of him.




Emma's ashes sit peacefully on the mantle even when there are dragons swirling around in the stained glass windows.






Phideau is catching up on some reading this afternoon.  I'm not sure but that might be a cookbook he's browsing through.  The bunnies seem to be a little nervous about that but I always reassure them that they're genuinely pets for Phideau, not tasty snacks.   You'll notice that Percutio keeps a fire extinguisher in Phideau's room and I don't think it's because of his cooking. 


Perhaps you'd like to stop back by some day around lunch time and we'll see what Phideau can make of you, er, I mean *for* you. 

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