The Beacon Hill


Ah, the Beacon Hill by Greenleaf.  It's quite possibly the world's most perfect dollhouse.  Actually, I can say with all confidence that the Beacon Hill and the Pierce *are* the world's most perfect dollhouses.  When I embarked on my miniature obsession, I was torn between the Pierce and the BH, and ultimately, I decided to build the Pierce first, but ordered the BH kit before the Pierce was even completed.  My fondest mini desire was to have the Pierce, the BH and the Willowcrest side by side on a Victorian street and at last, I've fulfilled that dream.  The BH is home to a world traveler and it will eventually be filled with tiny treasures found by its owner as she wanders the world.  I've had a few pieces set back for her that are already in the house, but it's contents will grow with time and each piece will be a special find. 











Click here to come inside and look around.  There are tiny treasures in every corner.