Whispering Cove Custom Dressed Bedroom


Whispering Cove is the name of a dollhouse built by Tracy Topps and owned by a mutual client.  When the client asked if I would dress the bedroom and living room furniture for this house, I was thrilled!!  Tracy is not only one of my dearest friends, but I'm also one of her biggest fans so the opportunity to dress one of her houses was a dream come true and it got even better when the client said the house was home to a mini witch.  The dressed furniture for Whispering Cove's bedroom includes a dressed bed, a settee and the vanity bench.  All three are dressed in sensuous black silk and satin with hand embroidered silk ribbon roses in passionate red.  This is the perfect bedroom for a witch who is a romantic at heart.






Rumpled sheets of black satin are combined with a tousled crinkle silk bedspread to give this bed the ultimate look of passion and romance.  The matching pillows are sinfully soft.  One blood red rose makes a dramatic statement in this pure black bed.









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