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I've dressed so many beds that it's hard to know where to begin!  There are beds embroidered with silk ribbon that have cascades of hand sewn lace, day beds made for snuggling, baby beds and cribs, country beds, fantasy beds, Victorian beds and modern beds, brass beds, four poster beds, white wire wicker beds,  canopy beds, sweet beds and beds that walk on the dark side.  There are romantic beds and there are crisp, clean beds that are just plain pretty.  I've done custom beds that range from demented to divine.  I was committed to providing lots of color and style choices for affordable beds so everyone could have a pretty bed in their dollhouse but I also dressed high end beds and was just as happy doing either one.  My motivation came from seeing so many plain beds in retail shops that had no character and I wanted to offer the mini world some beds with character in every price range. 

So here they are.....the beds that I've dressed over the past few years.  They're in no particular order and are all mixed up so scrolling thru the four gallery pages will ensure that everyone sees something that makes them smile.  Click on a thumbnail and it will take you to the bed's page where you'll find lots more pictures of each one. 


The Lady Pierce

Spring Garden

French Chateau Custom Bed

The Seduction

The Amazing Solar Energized Time Preservation Napping Bed

Morning After Mardi Gras

Victorian Gothic

Roses at Midnight Day Bed


Victorian Romance Bedroom

Victorian Romance Day Bed

Silk Butterfly Crib

Golden Leopard

Sweet Lilac

Mission Rose

Tangerine Dreams

Poinsettia Bed

Forest Oak Suite

Blue Toile Silk on White Wire Wicker

Pink and White Day Bed

Rose's Rosedale Bed

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