The Amazing Solar Energized Time Preservation Napping Bed

Yes Friends and Neighbors, Dr. Thaddeus Robertson has done it again!  This time he has put his ingenuity to good use and solved the age old dilemma of how to fit naptime into a busy day.  Step right this way and see the most amazing bed ever created.  This modern marvel will literally stop time in its place and allow you to sleep all you want during the day without losing a single second of your valuable time.  Have you ever been so tired that you would have sold your soul for a good, long nap but simply didn't have the time?   Have you ever felt like the world would come unraveled if you stepped away for even half an hour to get some much-needed rest?  Well, fret no more!  This miraculous bed allows you to catch up on all the sleep you need and still complete all the tasks in your busy day!  * Does not stop time at night.








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