Steampunk Miniatures by Dr. Thaddeus Robertson


Something strange has been happening in my studio.  I've noticed that things have been out of place and it appears that someone has been using my tools.  Both my husband and the cat denied any part of it, so it became a mystery that I was determined to solve. 

I snuck downstairs in the middle of the night and could see a small light coming thru the door of the studio.  As I tip-toed quietly down the hall I could hear a voice mumbling and the clipping sound of wire cutters.  Closer and closer I crept toward the door, silently hugging the wall.  I jumped around the corner of the door and in my loudest voice I yelled, "A-ha!!!  I caught you!!"

There was a scream and I ducked just in time as a pair of pliers flew from the little fellow's hand into the air.  "Good gawd woman, you scared the bejeebers out of me!  Don't you know how to knock?  Maybe you should just wear a bell around your neck so folks can hear you coming.  Now pick up those pliers and hand them back to me.  Go on now. Leave me alone and let me get back to my work."

Needless to say I stood in the doorway dumbstruck at the sight of a little man wearing a white coat and large brass goggles.  He had the strangest contraption on his head that appeared to be some sort of magnifying glass.  His hair looked like it hadn't been combed in a week and one suspender was coming undone.  I noticed that his shoes were on the wrong feet but I didn't think it would be nice to point that out.

I asked, "Who are you?" and was given a stony glare and a cold reply.  "I'm Dr. Thaddeus Robertson .  Before you ask me how to cure a headache, I'll clarify that the PhD is in physics, not medicine.  I'm an inventor.  In this grand age of the steam engine, I work day and night to find different ways to put this wonderful resource to work".  

Not wanting to disorient the good doctor more than he was already, I didn't mention that we're long past the year of the steam engine.  Instead I looked over his shoulder to see what he was making.  Following my gaze he said, "This is a steam powered rocking chair.  It will save enormous amounts of effort by rocking itself.  Would you like to give it a try?"   I thanked him for the offer but pointed out that the rocking chair is only 4 inches tall and I'm 5' 6".  Dr Robertson observed, "As a matter of fact it had occurred to me that you are rather tall.  In fact, you're at least five feet taller than I.  Oh well, no matter.  Hand me that copper wire please". 

It appeared that Dr. Robertson had lost all interest in me and was once again absorbed in his work.  He's happily oblivious to the year and the fact that he's living in a world where he's only 1:12 scale. I can only assume that it's the result of an experiment gone wrong that left him one twelfth his normal size and threw him into the future.  Normally I would worry about that, but he makes such fabulous steampunk miniatures that I don't want him to leave!  So we've reached a comfortable existence together.  He's allowed to use my studio whenever he likes and occasionally leaves gifts of his newest inventions for me to find.  On the other hand, I keep a supply of peanut butter crackers in the studio for him and I've convinced the cats not to eat him.

Dr Robertson's inventions are so wonderful that I have to share them.  Click on the links below to see more of them.


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