Dr. Thaddeus Robertson's Planetary Observation and Galactic Research Facility


After much cajoling and a little bit of outright blackmail, Dr. Robertson finally convinced me to build him the observatory he desperately needs for his research into the stars, planets, and all that lies beyond.  The observatory includes a workshop downstairs where he built his most amazing galactic viewer which was immediately installed upstairs with great success.  Oh, the wonderful things that can be seen from the lens of his high-powered telescope!!  He has dreams of discovering new marvels never before known to man.   He assures me that he will continue to use the laboratory to bring new inventions to life even as he continues his research upstairs.  With such a grave undertaking, it was determined by my husband that the good doctor might need some assistance so he brought home a pack of miniature minions who promptly starting running amuck and creating chaos.  Dr. Robertson was grateful for the assistance but somewhat daunted by their enthusiasm so he promptly hired a housekeeper, Mrs. Donovan.  She grumbles a bit about being a glorified nanny and occasionally makes reference to "zoo keeper" but she runs the observatory with an iron hand and keeps everyone in line.......including the good doctor. 

As usual, the Dr. is out gadding about and not at home right now, but please feel free to take the tour of the observatory, the grounds, and the greenhouse.  Just watch out for the minions.  They showed up out of nowhere one day and when I asked Dr. R about it he mumbled something about them being a gift from an old college buddy. 


























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