Innovative Home for the Forward Thinking Fae



I've noticed recently that Dr. Thaddeus has been a bit, well, let's say "distracted" of late.  I hesitate to use that word because in the grand and everlasting tradition of mad scientists throughout time, the good doctor has never been accused of being attentive.  However, his mind has been far from the plans pinned to the wall above his work table.  He's been almost secretive about his latest work and has spent much more time than usual on my computer.  Yesterday he showed me his most recent invention and I immediately realized what's been going on.

He's in love.

Oh my goodness, he's fallen head over heels in love with a fairy!  He won't tell me her name but he said that they met when he was scavenging in the back yard and they've talked online a couple of times since then.   She's an urban fairy with a strong love of all things industrial and yet she still has old fashioned fairy sensibilities.   Like most fairies, she prefers to live in hidden corners away from human eyes and has been happily habitating under my spyria bush until the local raccoons took over the neighborhood and forced her to the top of the tallest pine tree.  The poor thing was distraught about losing her home.  In a move that stunned me and dazzled the fairy, the Dr showed that he has a bit of chivalry in his old bones and designed a new house for her.  It has the pretty, earthy things that fairies love but with a nod to her urban sensibilities, the house has the latest innovations such as a shining carriage light in the front yard and an automatic pump for the water well in the side yard.  When I told him that it was the sweetest thing, he grumbled a lot but his face turned red from the tips of his sprung collar to the top of his balding head.  Will this be the start of something new for our mad scientist friend?  Will the good doctor find true happiness? And will he learn how to smile?  The answers to these and other questions will come in time but for now Dr. Robertson says that I'll have to be content with some pictures of the Steampunk Fairy House.




The Steampunk Fairy House is 1:48 (quarter) scale.   Here's a picture of it next to a can of tasty beverage for comparison.







The carriage light is one of the fairy's favorite things because it's so thsparkly!



While most of the house has modern amenities, the fairy still likes to capture rainwater down a spout and into a barrel.


The doorknobs are pewter and carved into the shape of dragonflies.  All the other fairies in the neighborhood are green with envy about those doorknobs and the fairy medallion that Dr. Robertson hung above the door.





The roof is made of sheets of beaten steel riveted together in a patchwork to make sure it never leaks.  Dr. Robertson said that the fairy would magically treat the steel so that it never rusts either. 



In the side yard the Dr installed a steam powered pump for the underground water well.  Now instead of pumping a handle, the fairy can just turn the knob for steaming hot water!  Nothing says "I love you" like hot, running water! 




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