French Chateau Dressed Baby Bed and Curtains


Custom ordered for the French Chateau, this little crib is so sweet all by itself that I knew it would be a charmer when it was dressed.  The wallpaper in the nursery is a pretty mural of birds and climbing vines on a sherbet yellow background.  Therefore, white silk and peach silk jacquard are the perfect choice for the bedding and the tiny butterflies on the blanket go right along with the pretty birds on the walls.  The butterflies are embroidered using silk ribbons and the blanket is made of white silk, batted just enough to be fluffy and soft.  The crib features peach silk jacquard sheets and a matching blanket draped over the side.  Peach silk ribbons on the ends of the crib are echoed in the lace curtains.  It's a sweet little combination for a mini nursery.












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