Elegant Library Furniture and Drapes

Once upon a time in a mansion far, far to the north, a young man decided that he wanted to create an elegant library where the master of the house could relax while he reads or catches up on some work.  

The library needed drapes to go across the arched doorway into the music room, so the choice was made to use a fun, yet elegant green, brown and gold striped fabric.


The young man had a beautiful heirloom desk and chair that were in desperate need of new leather.  So the chair was reupholstered and the desk received a new leather top.


Finally the young man searched and searched till he found the perfect wing back chairs in woven cane.  He requested that the seats be made with soft and comfortable leather with bright bolsters and pillows to match the drapes.

And so it was that with Deb's help the young man's elegant library came to be, and his little people lived happily ever after.


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