"The Duchess" 

Formal Victorian Parlor Set

What can be more perfect (and hard to find) than an entire room of coordinating furniture and drapes!  And to make it even more perfect, it's a beautifully traditional Victorian look.  During the last half of the Victorian era, changing trends in decor led to the use of contrasts in colors, patterns and textures.  That use of contrasts is still one of my favorite design styles so when I started work on this set, I stepped away from using one solid color and one pattern and blended two different patterns together.  Both fabrics have the same burgundy primary color, but one uses a pattern of tiny ivory teardrops shapes on burgundy and the other is a delightful burgundy floral on ivory.  The combination sings in harmony and is a wonderful example of true Victorian style.  There's a balance in the room since the chairs feature one fabric while the sofa and chaise feature the other.......but they all come together in a design that is so pleasing to the eye!  This parlor set would be the crowning glory of any Victorian mansion.  It's a must-have if you're going to invite the Duchess to tea!







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