The Love Shack!


I started the Love Shack when Greenleaf released the 2012 Spring Fling kit.   I'm not sure why, but as soon as I saw it, my mind screamed, "Looooooooooove Shack!  Tin roof!  Rusty!" and after that I couldn't see it any other way.  The surprising thing is that I'm not a big fan of that song, or of the B-52s, but the house will be what the house will be and there's no arguing with it.  Once I had embraced the concept, I had SO much fun building it.  It's bright and crazy and full of energy!  I watched the video on You Tube at least a thousand times; pausing and freezing frames until I had all the details committed to memory.  Health problems put the Love Shack on hold for three years when I couldn't build at all,  but it kept calling to me to come finish it and as soon as I was able, it was the first thing back on my work table.  The energy was still there and I had it finished in just a few weeks; still laughing and smiling the whole time. 

I recommend watching the video here first and then enjoy the gallery pictures.  It's not an exact duplicate, but it captures all the key elements as well as the spirit of lighthearted fun.   (Side note:  If you watch carefully, you can spot Ru Paul in the video.  I'm a huge fan of Ru Paul so that was a delightful discovery.  If I can ever find the right size Ru Paul doll, I'll add her to the scene.)  This house remains in my private collection.





















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