Pier House


I built the new Greenleaf Lighthouse for a friend of mine who is an avid lighthouse collector.   Its new owner selected red and white for the colors of the lighthouse and requested that it be in pristine condition, as if it had just been newly painted.  He has given the name "Point Luck" to the lighthouse.  The first step has been to build an equipment shed that will set at the side of the lighthouse. (The shed is the "Annie's Lobster Shack" kit from Greenleaf and is a delight to build!)   The lighthouse will be positioned in the Harbor Island Lighthouse Base so I wanted the shed to sit slightly to one side but still look as if it were part of the same unit.  After giving it some thought, I built a pier for the shed to sit on.  There's an ulterior motive to that design..........I also wrote a tutorial on how to build that pier for this issue of the Greenleaf Gazette. 

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