Point Luck Lighthouse and Harbor   


Greenleaf is revolutionizing the dollhouse world with their new laser cut kits.  The first off the line was the Dollhouse Lighthouse and Harbor Island Lighthouse Base.   The laser cut kits are the sweetest I've ever built with smooth cut edges and precise tabs and slots.  I love everything about this kit, including the slim design and the unique base.  I built this kit from start to finish in 6 days--it was that easy to build.  I've already got plans for another 1:12 scale lighthouse as well as the half scale darling.

I built this lighthouse for a good friend who not only loves lighthouses but is a historian as well (hence the name, "Point Luck").  He helped me research lighthouses and gave me all kinds of helpful information.  He requested a red and white striped lighthouse that would have a traditional look but also be fresh and clean.   Since this will be a "working" lighthouse (ie: not a residence) I added an equipment shed set on a pier to one side for extra storage.   Scroll down for pictures of the exterior and click here for pictures of the interior and here for pictures of the equipment shed.   








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