For several years the Lady Pierce was very patient about being furnished with my very first (and very novice) miniature purchases but in 2009 she requested some redecorating with a little more sophistication.  


The Living Room

I love ball and claw furniture!  My real life living room furniture is also ball and claw and that might be why I had to have this lion leg living room set for the Pierce.  The room is far from finished since I need to make new drapes for the bay alcove, reupholster the desk chair and get some pictures on the walls. 



One of my favorite mini treasures is the stereoscope on the table.  I love little bits of Victoriana like this.






Dining Room

For years I ignored the dining room and all it contained was a bare table, chairs, an empty china cabinet and a serving cart.  My poor little people never got to eat, which is probably why we got a new maid.   My one favorite piece in this room was the Ruetters chandelier.  When I started redecorating, that was the only piece that stayed.  This room will also be receiving drapes in the alcove to match the new upholstery on the dining room chairs. It's a gorgeous sage green chinese silk that is so delicate if a breeze comes thru the studio window it blows the fabric off the table!  Oh, and the furniture in this room is also lion leg.  Did I mention that I just love ball and claw?

The picture above was taken before I reupholstered the chairs and set the table properly.  (the previous maid ran off with the crystal and flatware)  To get the best pictures of the details, I moved the furniture out of the dining room for these pictures.

I love the shelf on the left so much that I have it in real life size as well as the matching side shelves.  Hmmmm..........I'm starting to see a pattern here of miniatures mirroring real life. LOL! The Normandy shelf on the right may not have been intended to hold serving dishes, but I like the look.

The kitchen is in for some major changes, so keep watching.

Come on upstairs and see what I've done to the bedroom.