Meanwhile this was happening upstairs.....


With all the dressed beds I make, you'd think that my own houses would have beautiful beds.  That hasn't been the case because I just never seem to get around to dressing beds for myself.  When I started redecorating the Pierce, the bedroom was where I started and I made the bed the focal point.  I did some silk ribbon embroidery for the bedspread and the insets on the headboard and footboard as well as the vanity stool.  I love the way this bed came out with the layers of hand appliquéd lace.


It really is the little things that delight me.  When I found this little calico cat I was excited for days!  Someday I'll find a gingham dog to go with her.

I need to replace the blinds in the windows.  The tassels on these are just way out of scale.  But aren't the lamp and clock perfect!

This may be my all time favorite picture of my minis.  I was so delighted with the new pitcher and basin that I took several close up pictures.  In the process, I discovered that I could play with the images in the mirrors.  Isn't this fabulous!  In the dresser mirror, you can see all the way into the music room bay window at the other end of the house.  The armoire mirror reflects back into the bedroom bay window.  I really love this picture!

The music room and bathroom were in for some major changes a little later on but this was the first part of the redecorating so I hadn't done much with them except update some furniture and the bathroom fixtures.  (Bigger things were in store for them a little further down the road so keep scrolling)   I have to smile (and wince a little)  when I look at the drapes and curtains in this house because they were some of my very first attempts and I've learned soooooo much since then.


The attic got a complete makeover and it was long overdue!  Before this I had just placed random, leftover items in the attic with no real thought to placement or content.  As I considered what to do with the attic, I heard a voice from the Beacon Hill.  Aunt Harriet (aka Jadis) has a room on the third floor of the BH and I thought she was happy there but when she noticed that I was redecorating the Pierce and how much more space there is in the attic, she asked to move.  I thought it was a good idea too so we packed up her art, sewing, quilting and dollhouse supplies and moved on over!  She's not in these pictures because after the move was done, she grabbed a bottle of wine and settled into her rocking chair in the tower room.  Personally I think the tower room was what she wanted all along and who can blame her?  If I had a tower room and a rocking chair, that's where I'd spend all my time too!  I need to finish moving things around just a little bit up here to give the space a lived-in look and when I do, I'll get pictures of Aunt Harriet then.  Maharet made some major changes in the attic when she moved in and those pictures are coming up soon.

The sisters dropped in for a look around the place and they highly approved but once the witch staked her claim, they gave up any thoughts of trying to regain the property.

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