Quarter Scale (1:48) Dollhouse Gallery

I used to think that I never wanted to work in any scale except 1:12 till I did my first quarter scale house and fell in love with the little darling.  These whimsical houses are perfect for visiting fairies, wandering elves and roaming gnomes. 


Quarter Scale Magnolia Steampunk Cottage


Steampunk Fairy House  (1:48 Scale Carriage House)


Italian Fairy House in Planter (1:48 scale bake shoppe)



Tudor Fairy House in Willow Basket (1:48 scale Sugarplum) 


Fairy House in a Washtub (1:48 scale Magnolia)

Sea Side Rose Fairy House (1:48 scale Orchid)


Stonework Fairy House (1:48 scale Orchid)


The Shoemaker's Elf House

Roaming Gnome Home (1:48 scale Carriage House)

Sod Thatched Tudor Fairy House  (1:48 scale Sugarplum)